William Burgess – Director

After achieving a CalArts film degree he became co-owner of Il Corral, a club where he booked a weekly music event and established The Druid Underground Film Festival.

He is the lead singer and keyboardist of Skull Kiss, America's #1 electronic gospel band.

As an assistant director he has worked with such artists as DJ Shadow, Ace Norton and Steve Aoki. His short films have played all over the world including a 60 min piece about the LA skinhead movement entitled SUBURBAN BLEACH which has since become an instructional video in the criminal justice system.

HIPSTER HOLOCAUST is his first feature film.
Aj Pyatak – Sound Designer

Aj Pyatak is a one man band, a pioneer in the the field of trashbag electronics, and 100% committed to making sounds that will change from acoustic vibrations in the air to emotional sentiments in your mind. This year he opened NOva's ROOM studios and continues to provide audio post production of the highest degree to hard working musicians and directors... like you! You can explore more studio madness at novasroom.com and listen to Aj's alter musical ego Gannon at mygannon.com
David Reich – Director of Photography

David Reich is a director, cinematographer, and photographer living and working in Los Angeles. For over a decade David has shot editorial and fashion photography for the likes of Nylon, Vice, GQ, and Dazed & Confused. In the last few years he has expanded upon his established, verite style of photography to begin creating beautiful, reality-based cinematic worlds. He has recently finished shooting a short film and is currently in production on a series of music videos. In addition to the live-action world he is also co-creating a semi-animated rock opera/tv show called Heretics: Lost which features the voice talents of none other than William Burgess. See more work at davidreichstudio.com
Nathan Meier – B-Roll Photographer

Nathan Meier is an award-winning filmmaker and painter. He has made several short film and videos that have screened in festivals and institutions across the country. In 2002 he was awarded a Rocky Mountain Emmy for "Best Documentary in Cultural Issues" for TEENAGE SEX & FATHERHOOD: NATHAN'S STORY, a highly personal documentary about the filmmaker's struggles as a teen father. He is currently involved in several documentary features.
Nitai Cook as PATRICK

Nitai Cook is an elementary school teacher, proto-scientist and amateur cartographer. He has also performed in a theatre piece by Cloud Eye Control at Platform International Animation Festival in Portland, Oregon and the San Francisco International Film Festival. He currently roams the dark hillsides of Los Angeles.
Ignacio Genzon as DARREN

Ignacio Genzon is a photographer and artist. Hipster Holocaust is his first feature as an actor.
Ayana Hampton as DAISY

A devout Texan, born in Harlem, Ayana makes her art in Silverlake a petri dish of hipsters and scene-lebrities in LA.

Involved in many projects including being a comedienne online in web series' like Eden’s Court and Real American Family and performing in “Best Family Show in LA”, Summer Sounds at the Hollywood Bowl, produced by the LA Phil and directed by Debbie Divine.

THE AYANA HAMPTON SHOW is a raucous tell-all about nymphomania, hypochondria, and American Apparel worship, featuring the Lustrous Blackup Dancers & The Morning After Band, Lip Maya Stocking, a struggling drag superstar, La Quanisha, an aspiring Black girl, and First Lady Michelle Obama, all played by Miss Hampton.

Damon Packard as MUSHY

Damon Packard is a legendary underground film director and actor. He pressed 23,000 DVD copies of his feature Reflections of Evil (2002) and spread them all over Los Angeles as well as sent them to thousands of confused/angry celebrities.

He continues to make films in LA.